Receive a 30-minute private dining consultation for your upcoming event in Philadelphia.

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Engage In A 30-Minute Event Consultation

To Create An Unforgettable Private Dining Event In Philadelphia

Are you in charge of creating a private dining event in Philadelphia in the upcoming months? Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or the person in charge of a one-off event, you need assurance that you’re developing the best event to represent your organization.

Maybe you have a strict budget, or you fear being bogged down with too many details and time constraints to effectively manage your private event. Regardless of the specific obstacles, you need event planning that helps you streamline the process and stay on budget to deliver a truly memorable experience for your organization.

Welcome to R2L’s distinctive approach to event planning. We take the heavy lifting of event planning off of your plate and allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy your event.

When you request your private, 30-minute consultation with a dedicated event planning specialist at R2L, we listen closely to understand your private event needs and develop a systematic, detailed plan that addresses each element of your event. We also provide you with an estimated cost of the event.

With the right event planning in place, each component of your private event is carefully thought out and flawlessly executed.

Your consultation will include:

  • A tour of R2L, from the lobby entrance to the private event space, with insight into music/lighting settings, floor plans, table settings and plasma screens ideal for presentations
  • A list of our preferred vendors for florists, table art and décor, audio-visual setups, car service, hotels and more
  • A dedicated point of contact for personalized planning, so you stay connected throughout the planning process and may relax the day of the event
  • A menu snapshot of local and customizable American cuisine created by Chef Daniel Stern
  • A sample of special accommodations to add distinctive details designed to delight and impress your guests

To schedule your private, 30-minute event consultation, simply fill out our online form. Once you hit submit, a dedicated event specialist from R2L will contact you shortly.