Fashioned After a New York Style Event Space, R2L is the Premiere Choice for Event Planners

While New York City is home to some of most extravagant restaurants, R2L in Philadelphia blends a New York style event space with the spirit of Philadelphian cuisine.

With endless panoramic views that put you face-to-face with the city of Philadelphia, R2L is truly a rare and historic culinary destination for event planners seeking a venue amplified by an elegance and sophistication as impressive as any New York style event space.

An emphasis on attentive service, progressive renditions of American cuisine, and a determination to go above and beyond to make sure that no detail is missed are just some of the characteristics that position R2L as an industry leader in event planning.

Why R2L’s New York Style Event Space is A Favorite Among Event Planners

new york style event spaceAt R2L, our dedicated event planners understand the important considerations that go into choosing an event space for your special evening. Whether planning for an intimate gathering of 12 or a large reception of 300, R2L is the ideal restaurant & lounge to host your distinguished guests.

Our flexibility on everything from menu customization to the arrangement of your New York style event space reflects our dedication to making sure your event generates excitement and is flawlessly executed. Since 2009, we have been hosting the city’s finest and most remarkable private events within our sleek and sensual Art-deco establishment on the 37th floor of Two Liberty Place.

An Event Planner’s Dream: R2L’s Remarkable New York Style Event Spaces

The most discerning event planners consistently choose R2L for our exclusive private party rooms that allow your distinguished guests to enjoy the views and the sensual ambiance inherent in our New York style event space:

  • The Pinnacle Room is arranged with circular tables for 64 guests and possesses amazing views of South Philadelphia all nestled within a relaxed, fine-dining atmosphere.
  • The William Penn Room is a visitor’s treat with an awe-inspiring southeastern view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Delaware River, and William Penn statue atop City Hall. The room can accommodate up to 22 guests and offers an unrivaled beauty at sunset.
  • For those who have a corporate or business need, both Board Rooms 1 & 2  are ideal for a small power-meeting with a plasma television and room for the elite 10-16 guests in your inner circle.
  • Use the entire restaurant for a large, 300+ person private event. Utilize the Club Room, Salon and Bar/Lounge in addition to the private event space.

R2L is the Premiere Destination for a New York Style Event Space That Will Impress

We offer a complimentary consultation so that we may learn more about your ideal event, as well as to determine how our services can best be employed to attain your desired outcome for a classic evening.

Reach out to us at 215.564.3585, make a reservation, or learn more about planning an event at R2L. We are available to speak with you at any time about creating a memorable dining experience during your high end reception or large gathering. We look forward to speaking with you.