Exchanging Events for Experiences: 2016’s Most Important Corporate Planning Trend

R2L Makes 2016’s Most Important Corporate Planning Trend A RealityR2L Pinnacle with a View

Each year brings new innovations and trends, but only a few make a lasting impact on the face of corporate event planning. Recently, we have seen “green events” transition from a surprising feature to a standard expectation.  And now, as 2016 approaches, we see another major corporate planning trend beginning to unfold: the preference for experience over event.

In our increasingly connected world, the event seems to be losing its charm, perhaps because it carries with it an innate notion of isolation.  Events are set apart, separated from our real lives, and–although they may be marked by elegance and grandeur–they bear the weight of old connotations.

At R2L, we want to recall that elegance while still celebrating the exciting shift to luxurious and meaningful experiences. We are excited to offer corporate event planners two innovative ways to embrace the new corporate planning trend of experience.

What The Shift To Experience Means For Event Planners

  • Rethink Your Timeline

Successful corporate event planners often start defining goals and expectations for an event at least a year before it is scheduled to occur.  Traditionally, though, the early stages have been exclusively for those on the planning side of things, and guest involvement has been limited to invitations and RSVPs a month or two before the event.  The day of the dinner or conference comes and goes, and although they may have had a wonderful time, guests leave with little more than a gift bag…

Now, thanks to the changing role of technology in the lives of your attendees, you have the opportunity to engage guests in new ways before, during, and after the event, creating a much more comprehensive experience. Digital communities allow connections between guests, and to the event, to begin weeks or months in advance. This early engagement builds excitement and investment in the upcoming experience, and the continuity of these digital platforms allows you to maintain that momentum even after the event, ensuring a much more powerful experience.

  • Reevaluate Your Investments

The increased emphasis on experience is evident in the larger consumer world as well, with “stuff” taking a back seat to more active, though transient, investments.  Increasingly, your guests are choosing an experience–such as an exotic location or live music–over a material product.

Keep this in mind as you think about the emphasis of your own event.  Do you want guests to walk away with something tangible but forgettable, or do you want to offer them memories that will last a lifetime?  Opt for the elegance of a bygone era or an unmatched view of the city at night rather than expensive favors, and watch the enthusiasm grow.  Although they may be fleeting, the delight of picturesque treats in an enticing atmosphere creates the immersive and memorable experience that your guests are craving.

At R2L, we are dedicated to creating elegant and exciting experiences for each of our guests in the heart of Philadelphia.  Spectacular food and service in an atmosphere that invites indulgence combine to create the anticipation, experience, and memories your guests will adore.  

Discover how we can help you embrace this new corporate planning trend and make your next event an unforgettable experience by contacting us today.

A True Philadelphia Luxury Dining Experience

Discover The Ultimate Philadelphia Luxury Dining ExperienceSkate

Between its rich American heritage and modern artistry, Philadelphia is a clear choice for any destination event planner.  However, having selected the city, you still face the challenge of choosing a venue that truly reflects the best of Philadelphia.

At R2L, we recognize the dedication of destination event planners like you to offer a truly authentic experience to your guests, and we are delighted to partner with you to create such moments.  When you plan your next visit to the City of Brotherly Love, seek us out for a venue that can offer the local menu, stunning scenery, and the combined historic elegance and modern luxury that makes Philadelphia unique.

A Local Menu

Provide your guests with the opportunity to indulge in Philadelphia luxury dining using all of their senses.  A dynamic menu of locally sourced, seasonal dishes is the best way to taste all that the city has to offer.

At R2L, you can find the perfect balance of local flavors and your own personalized accommodations.  Work with our dedicated staff and Chef Daniel Stern to meet your guests’ particular requests in a delicious and approachable modern American menu.

Stunning Scenery

As you consider the atmospheres of potential fine dining venues, be sure to look both inside and out.  A true Philadelphia luxury dining experience will seamlessly blend local history and culture with a modern view.

R2L resides in the heart of Philadelphia, providing your guests with a stunning view of the city.  This unforgettable scenery outside is complimented by a luxurious interior that invites guests to linger and to indulge in local cuisine.  Choose from a variety of private dining rooms to comfortably fit your entire party for this magnificent experience.

Historic Elegance & Modern Luxury

This seamless blending of the elegance from bygone eras and the luxuries of today is characteristic of Philadelphia’s charm.  Ensure that the venue you select offers your guests an authentic experience, so they leave your event feeling as though they have truly experienced the best the city has to offer.  

At R2L, we can help you strike this balance on every level of your private dining experience, from a dynamic menu of local favorites to a venue that will be talked about for years to come.  Throughout the process, work with one of our dedicated private event planners for a simple, stress free experience in Philadelphia’s fine dining.
For more information about  our Philadelphia luxury dining, please contact us today.