How To Select The Perfect Holiday Private Event Space In Philadelphia

It is that time of year again – time to start narrowing down ideas for your company’s annual holiday party. In a culturally vibrant city like Philadelphia, finding the right private dining venue is the key to hosting the perfect event.

private-event-spaceAs you begin looking for a private event space, consider the following event planning tips to ensure a unique and fun experience celebrating the year’s success:

  • Find A Private Event Space That Is Centrally Located
    Company holiday events are all about showing your employees that their hard work and dedication is appreciated. To show your appreciation, choose a venue that is conveniently located for your guests.

    Ideally, you want to choose a private event space that is within close proximity to your office building. The venue must be easy to find and in a central location so no one has to endure a long trip home late at night.

  • Choose A Private Event Room That Best Suits Your Needs
    Once you know the estimated number of guests attending your holiday party, you can choose a private event room that best suits your needs. Are you looking to host a sit-down dinner or a cocktail reception with food stations?

    Look for a private event space in a restaurant. Private dining rooms offer a big benefit: You have access to experienced staff and valuable guidance from a dedicated event planner who is able to accommodate the needs of your business event.

  • Set A Celebratory Tone With Unique Ambiance
    Holiday event planning comes with some added pressure to pull out all the stops and create an exciting celebration to show employees they are valued. A private event space with a big visual impact like a scenic view puts guests in the holiday spirit.

    If you would also like to incorporate some holiday decor, be sure to ask the venue’s event planner if they provide holiday decorations or if you should supply your own.

  • Carve Out Time For Employee Recognition
    A holiday party is a wonderful time to recognize employees in front of their peers. If your company is handing out awards, giving speeches or playing a slideshow, be sure the private event space you choose has the A/V capabilities you require.

    If the venue does not provide the A/V capabilities you need, ask your event planner if they have vetted recommendations for audiovisual vendors in the area.

  • Partner With A Venue That Offers A Variety Of Price Points
    Your budget plays a key role when it comes to choosing a private event space. Most private dining rooms have food and beverage minimums, but this does not need to be a hinderance.

    It is the job of an experienced private event planner to guide you on how to impress your guests with your food, beverage and entertainment selections all while staying within your predetermined budget.

It is important to start finding a private event space now, as the weeks leading up to the event will be filled with many other details of the holiday party: coordinating with suppliers, finalizing the menu, creating the party’s program and purchasing gifts or prizes. With the right private dining venue, you have taken one big step towards setting your holiday party up for success.

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3 Elements To Elevate Your Next Private Dining Event In Philadelphia

Planning a private dining event for a large group comes with an even bigger checklist of to-do items. While every element of an event contributes to its overall success, the ultimate goal is to give your guests the feeling of special exclusivity.

Private-Dining-Event-In-PhiladelphiaWhen planning your private dining event, keep the following three key elements in mind to assist in heightening any special occasion or business meeting you are planning in Philadelphia:

  • 1. Select A Venue With A Great View
    In a large, vibrant city like Philadelphia, there are many options when selecting the right private dining venue. You want to choose a venue that highlights the culture and sights of Philadelphia – beginning with a great view. There is magic in looking out over the city’s magnificent urban expanse.

    Look for a private dining venue that features panoramic views of the city. Take note of when the sun is setting on the day of your event, and plan the start time of the event so the sky-high view is optimized by sunset colors fading into a nighttime display of twinkling city lights.

  • 2. Find The Right Ambiance
    Once you have chosen your private dining venue, you have to select the right room option to accommodate your group. Are you looking for ambiance that matches a high-end corporate event? Be sure to visit the venue and get a feel for the character, style and setting to ensure it will impress your guests.

    When selecting a private dining room, you also need to take into consideration what may be done to further enhance the ambiance:

    Lighting: As daylight gives way to night, well-placed lighting creates a soft glow and focal points, bringing more enchantment and glamour to your private dining event.

    Music: The right kind of music adds value to any event, but it must be appropriate. Music that is too loud can be distracting, depending on the type of event. Choose a style or genre of music that suits all tastes.

    Decor: Color schemes of reds, ambers and yellows add warmth to a room, while whites and blacks signify a contemporary feel. Incorporate your decor theme into your invitation, as this is the first visual indication of what guests should expect.

    Room Setup: Whether you want a sit-down dinner or a more informal buffet-style service, the room setup must accommodate your event. Place a bar in one area and desserts in another area to create opportunities for guests to mingle.

  • 3. Provide Custom Menu Enhancements
    Of all the elements your guests will talk about and remember, the food at your private event takes the top spot. Review all the custom menu options your private dining venue has to offer.

    Custom menu ideas are endless, so it is important to keep your guests’ sensibilities in mind. Use their demographics as a framework in which to have some culinary fun.

    For example, if you are hosting a group of young, affluent professionals, provide them with mini, contemporary versions of standard cuisine mixed with wine or craft beer pairings.

    The venue’s event planner should work with you to create custom menu enhancements that not only appeal to your guests but also quell any potential budget worries you may have.

Elevating your private event is all about melding art with strategy. When selecting a venue, room ambiance or a custom menu, have fun getting creative with these elements. Let the type of occasion, and the guests attending, influence each creative element and you’ll hit the right mark for a memorable event.

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4 Planning Tips To Create A Remarkable Pharmaceutical Private Event

pharmaceutical-private-eventThe pharma event planning industry has taken several regulatory hits – in the last few years, especially – making it more difficult than ever to plan a private event that meets and exceeds your guests’ expectations.

There are four common pharmaceutical private event challenges that every event planner must overcome. We explore these challenges below, while also offering event planning tips to guide you through the complexities:

  • 1. Regulations And Ethical Code Changes
    Self-regulatory ethical codes, along with state and federal legislation, serve as boundaries for how healthcare professionals interact. These regulations are designed to ensure a pharmaceutical private event is not going to sway doctors’ prescription and medical-device decisions. The complex code changes vary from state to state, and also by country.

    Evening Planning Tip: As a pharma event planner, you must stay on top of these code changes. For support and guidance, connect with organizations like Meeting Professionals International, which helps educate planners on the latest developments in pharma event ethical code changes.

  • 2. Budgeting
    Pharma companies are held accountable for tracking dollars spent on private events. As an event planner, you must submit reports to the federal government detailing every dollar spent on healthcare professionals at meetings and conferences. Spending includes flight costs, hotel rooms, meals, event costs (such as paying for speakers and printing materials) and more.

    Evening Planning Tip: Work with a private dining venue and vendors who are knowledgeable about the Sunshine Act and know how to provide you with the right services and spending budgets to meet the needs of your event.

  • 3. Attendance
    Doctors and other healthcare professionals deal with emergency situations and work under serious time constraints. When planning a pharmaceutical private event, you must be prepared for late arrivals and last-minute add-ons.

    Evening Planning Tip: Work with a private event venue that knows exactly how to prepare for a fluctuating guest list, up to the day of the event. Ask the venue if they could set the room for 10-15% over for the final number of guests. In terms of payment, if the number of attendees is under what was arranged for, ask the venue if the unmet minimum can be charged as a room fee.

  • 4. Convenience For Travelers
    Travel time, too many flight connections and inconvenient venue locations are all factors that influence a busy doctor’s decision to attend a pharmaceutical private event.

    Evening Planning Tip: Select a private event venue location within a city that offers convenient travel options (especially for international travelers), hotels central to all event activities and a few transportation alternatives.

Planning a pharmaceutical private event is a huge undertaking, one with more paperwork than actual event planning. That is why it is important to partner with a private event venue well-versed in working with pharma companies to create flawless events honoring current regulations and your budget demands.

With the right guidance, support and knowledge about pharma events, the venue’s event planner helps take a serious burden off of your plate, so your time is freed to focus on other important aspects of the event.

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Event Planning Tips: Simplify Your Travel Plans For The Papal Visit To Philadelphia

destination event in philadelphiaPope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia for the 2015 World Meeting of Families, starting on September 26, is going to be a historic event, as an expected 1.5 million people flock to the city for the occasion. This “Apostolic Journey to the United States” will garner global press attention, as the world watches the Holy Father for his two days in Philadelphia.

For many, this destination event in Philadelphia certainly comes with its logistical challenges. However, with the right guidance and planning, your time in Philadelphia can work out perfectly.

If you are a member of the media and in need of information on Philadelphia venues and other logistics, check out the following event planning tips to ensure your coverage of the Pope’s visit is seamless:

Philadelphia Features Centrally Located Venues And Convenient Travel

Philadelphia is a major cultural hub with a growing milieu of artists and musicians, a rich culinary scene and budding new business districts, and is the perfect place to host a destination event.

Here are a few fast facts about Philadelphia’s meeting locations and travel networks:

  • The Philadelphia Convention Center has over 1.3 million (and growing) square feet (120,000 square meters) of space, including a 55,400-square-foot (5,100-square-meter) Convention Center ballroom.
  • Over 8,000 hotel rooms are located within walking distance of the Convention Center.
  • Philadelphia’s extensive subway, bus and rail lines allow your tour or event guests to travel around the city quickly and easily, including stops at the Convention Center.
  • The Philadelphia International Airport serves 30 million passengers annually and is only 15 minutes from downtown.
  • In both 2013 and 2014, Philadelphia was ranked among the Top 50 Meeting Destinations in the United States by Cvent.

Planning Your Event In Philadelphia

Choosing A Dining Venue

While your daytime itinerary is likely already set, you will need to settle on an evening gathering place to relax and dine after a busy day of capturing the event. There are plenty of restaurants, but you should choose a private event venue that is easy to access in the heart of Center City.

A Center City location not only gives your guests a feel for the hub of Philadelphia’s culinary scene, but it ensures your guests are within easy walking distance of downtown hotels.

You also need to consider a private dining venue that meets all of your guests’ needs. Here is a checklist of questions you should ask any potential restaurant you are considering:

  • Is onsite parking available?
  • Is there Wi-Fi Internet access?
  • Do the meeting rooms have plasma screens for presentations or slideshows?
  • Do the rooms have audio or video (A/V) capabilities?
  • Does the venue include a microphone and speakers for announcements?
  • Does the venue have established partnerships with technical experts for any bigger A/V questions or needs?

If a dining venue is not able to answer these questions satisfactorily, you should look for a different restaurant for your private dining event.

Working With An Onsite Event Planner

As you select a private dining venue to work with, ask what event planning expertise they offer. A remarkable restaurant assigns you a personal event planner who understands the importance of creating an unforgettable dining experience for members of your media team.

Since you are planning your visit to Philadelphia from afar, it is critical that you find an event planner backed by a team of experienced professionals who attend to every detail. The best event planning providers not only heed your special requests, but exceed your expectations.

Ready to learn more about private dining event planning for your stay in Philadelphia during the World Meeting of Families and Pope Francis’ visit? Schedule a no-cost consultation with an expert event planner at R2L.