Selecting A Local Menu For Your Destination Event In Philadelphia

When it comes to destination event planning, the venue you select is paramount to putting on a successful event. In our last blog post, Selecting The Right Venue For Your Destination Event In Philadelphia, we walked through the details you need to consider when planning your private event. Location and amenities were at the top of this list.

Another key consideration is the food and selecting a menu that will provide your guests with a memorable experience.

The venue must offer a private dining experience in Philadelphia that is on par with why the city is a sought-after restaurant destination.

Selecting A (Local) Menu

If you want an extraordinary private dining experience in Philadelphia, you need to select a venue and menu representative of what the city and region have to offer.

The key is to find a private dining restaurant easily able to accommodate the size of your destination event group, including any special needs or requests, and one that delivers creative, modern American cuisine representing local Philly flavor in an exceptional way. A few questions to consider when selecting your private dining venue:

  • Do they source food from local farms and vendors?
  • Do they create menus inspired by seasonal produce?
  • Do they put creative twists on classic local cuisine?

You can create tantalizing food pairings inspired by local favorites. Miniature-sized freshly baked pretzels with gourmet local mustard for dipping and Philly craft beer is a classic pairing with a refined twist. Think fresh, local and fun to delight your guests.

With all of your planning and attention to details, it is important to keep in mind any guests’ dietary needs or restrictions. Work with a venue able to accommodate all types of dietary needs.

Ensure you are working with a planner and a chef who put hospitality first and are accustomed to effectively handling surprises as they arise. Do not hesitate to do your research, read testimonials or speak with past clients.

Finishing Touches: Creating An Unforgettable Experience

You’ve pulled together all the big-picture details: venue, location, the right room and the right menu. Now is a good time to check with your event planner for additional ideas that will make your event unforgettable.

You invest yourself, your time and your energy into each client event. Discover a local Philadelphia event-planning partner who is committed to putting in the same effort as you do for your destination event.

Ready to discover more about selecting the perfect menu for your destination event in Philadelphia? Click here to download The Destination Planner’s Guide To Philadelphia Private Dining &Events.

Selecting The Right Venue For Your Destination Event In Philadelphia

For even the most seasoned event professional, planning a destination event poses some unique challenges. In our last blog post, Why Philadelphia Is The Perfect Location For Your Destination Event, we showcased Philly’s rich history, unique charm and dynamic restaurant scene. It is a city pulsing with vibrant urban life, the perfect setting to turn any private dining event into an experience.

Each region or city has its own flavor and nuance. However, without the working knowledge of local contacts, you run the risk of missing important cultural offerings or destination event planning details that streamline event logistics.

Simply put: You need the peace of mind that you are partnering with trusted local vendors to help you turn out a flawless event.

Choosing The Right Venue For Your Group

Your clients have packed schedules during a destination event, so make certain to select a venue that offers convenience. You want your clients or guests to enjoy a venue where they can relax, regroup and sample local flavor that defines Philadelphia.

To start, consider whether or not the venue can accommodate your private event needs. Be sure to inquire if the venue offers:

  • On-site parking
  • Meeting rooms with plasma screens
  • A/V capabilities
  • A well-vetted local vendor list for other services

There is a myriad of Philadelphia restaurants to choose from, but to keep your destination event running smoothly, you should decide on a venue that is easy to access in the heart of Center City.

A Center City location not only gives your guests a feel for the hub of Philadelphia’s culinary scene, but it also ensures your guests are within walking distance to most major hotels and the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Working With A Local Event Planner

While working through the destination event planning process, you need to speak directly to the event planners at your considered venues. A conversation with each event planner is the best way to grasp their local knowledge of the city. This is also a time to ask what the event planner’s venue offers that sets them apart from other venues you are considering.

Because you are planning your destination event remotely, you need to trust that the local event planner has a proven track record and is able to deliver your vision. You should feel comfortable that he or she is attuned to anticipating needs and goes above and beyond to ensure your group has an unforgettable experience.

Be certain the planner is flexible and well versed in terms of seating and space needs, audio/visual requirements and any special dietary requests or restrictions.

Whether you are coordinating tours, planning a milestone life event or organizing a conference or convention in a new city, you need a professional, knowledgeable, local resource who acts as a guide to every detail of your destination event.

Ready to discover more about selecting a venue and event planner for your private dining event in Philadelphia? Click here to download The Destination Planner’s Guide To Philadelphia Private Dining & Events.

Why Philadelphia Is The Perfect Location For Your Destination Event

Are you looking for the best East Coast destination location for your upcoming private dining event?

While New York City may seem like the obvious choice, just 90 minutes south on I-95 is the culturally vibrant city of Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Love and Birthplace of America.

Not only is Philadelphia the second largest city on the East Coast, but the city also attracts more than 400,000 international visitors per year. In fact, the New York Times named Philadelphia 2015’s #1 travel destination in the U.S.

Positioned roughly midway between New York City and Washington, D.C., Philadelphia is a major urban hub with budding new business districts and a burgeoning contemporary culinary scene that makes private dining in Philadelphia an absolute must do.

Philadelphia Is Defined By Its Unique History And Diverse Culture

Philadelphia is home to “America’s most historic square mile,” featuring the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776.

Other important historical sites in the city include:

Looking to sidestep the usual touristy suspects to find more colorful ways to experience the location of your destination event? Some of the more eclectic spots in Philadelphia include:

  • The Woodmere Art Museum, located on six acres in Chestnut Hill, a 19th-century stone Victorian mansion showcasing art and artists that tell the story of Philadelphia.
  • Reading Terminal Market, a regionally famous public market featuring specialty and ethnic foods from over 100 vendors.
  • Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, spanning three city lots on South Street, a folk-art environment featuring the largest work created by mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar.
  • Antiques Row, in downtown Center City, a unique, organized destination for antiques, vintage items, books, crafts, furniture and music.

Philadelphia Offers Central Meeting Locations And Travel Networks

Philadelphia offers more than just historical and cultural sites, making destination event planning here preferable for business events. Here are a few fast facts about Philadelphia’s offerings for meetings, conferences and travel:

  • The Philadelphia Convention Center has over 1.3 million (and growing) square feet (120,000 square meters) of space, including a 55,400-square-foot (5,100-square-meter) convention center ballroom.
  • Over 8,000 hotel rooms are located within walking distance of the Convention Center.
  • Philadelphia’s extensive subway, bus and rail lines allow your tour or event guests to travel around the city quickly and easily, including stops at the Convention Center.
  • The Philadelphia International Airport serves 30 million passengers annually and is only 15 minutes from downtown.
  • In both 2013 and 2014, Philadelphia was ranked among the Top 50 Meeting Destinations in the United States by Cvent.

With so many clear advantages and perks to hosting your tour, business meeting or destination event in Philadelphia, the choice is clear. However, choosing the best city is only the beginning of planning an unforgettable private dining event.

Ready to learn more about planning your destination event in Philadelphia? Click here to download The Destination Planner’s Guide To Philadelphia Private Dining & Events.

4 Ways Event Planning Ensures Your Pharmaceutical Event Runs Smoothly

If you’re an event planner in the pharmaceutical industry, you have a strict budget to work with. While budgetary constraints tend to put a damper on private event planning, it doesn’t have to. You just need the right insider tips to help you work within your budget while still providing all the important details your pharmaceutical event demands.

To ensure your event is on point – throughout the planning process and on the big day – check out the following four indispensable event-planning tips:

  • 1. Work With An Event Planner To Stay Within Your Budget
    Staying within a regulatory budget for your private event is stressful. You want to have a memorable, sophisticated industry meeting that isn’t marred by scrimping on the important details. Venues that regularly host private events for pharmaceutical companies already have a custom menu specifically created to meet your budgetary restrictions. These typically include a set number of courses and may include a glass of wine or a cocktail. Work with an event planner who understands the budgetary concerns of a pharmaceutical company and is able to help you host an unforgettable event.

  • 2. Choose A Venue With Event Parking On Premise
    Especially if you’re having your pharmaceutical private event at a venue in a major city, you need to ensure your guests have convenient access to on-premise parking. You don’t want your guests stuck on a shuttle service or taking an expensive taxi across town. You also don’t want them circling city blocks endlessly searching for a parking spot to open up. Prior to meeting with your event planner, have an estimated number of guests so she can establish that enough on-premise parking is available at the time of your event.

  • 3. Plan Ahead To Accommodate Any Dietary Restrictions
    Planning a private event typically means that at least a few of your guests have dietary restrictions. Today, the sheer range of dietary preferences and lifestyle choices makes event planning tricky but not impossible. You simply have to work with your event planner to accommodate each dietary need. One tip to successfully deal with dietary restrictions is to create an RSVP card for your guests that includes checkboxes for various dietary needs and food allergies. By pre-planning for menu alternatives, and letting your event planner know ahead of time, you’re ensuring a smooth and successful event.

  • 4. Choose An Event Planner With Recommended Vendor Contacts
    Your pharmaceutical event likely requires A/V equipment on-hand for presentations. When it comes to A/V, it’s important that the vendor be familiar with your operational needs and with the venue location and layout. Check with your event planner, who should have a vetted list of vendor contacts they’ve worked with many times. This way, you receive reputable vendors that have established relationships with your event planner. You may also benefit from a better price than if you sought out a vendor on your own.

Whether you’re planning an event for training sales and marketing teams or a national sales event with new or improved products, you have to stay within a pre-determined budget. With the right venue event planner by your side, you are ensured a seamlessly planned and highly successful event.

Ready to learn more about planning the perfect private event for your pharmaceutical company that stays within your budget? Click here to contact a Dedicated Event Specialist at R2L to schedule your complimentary private event planning session.

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